Past Conferences

Past Conferences

2019 - 13th International Conference on the Treatment of Personality Disorders: Personalising Effective Treatment

Professor Brin Grenyer (Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute)
Implementing whole of service models of care for personality disorder across Australia
Aaron Fornarino (Adelaide, Australia)
Emotionally unstable borderline personality disordered male: a discussion on challenges associated in men with BPD
Professor Ueli Kramer (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Effective processes in treatment for personality disorder: what science teaches us
Professor Per Hoglend (Oslo, Norway)
What psychotherapists need to know about transference and countertransference in effective treatment of personality disorder
Lise Laporte (Montreal, Canada)
My child and me: a two components program for parents with borderline personality disorder and their case workers
Chui-De Chiu (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Struggling back to myself: A deficit in shifting visuospatial perspectives in borderline personality disorder
Charlotte van Schie (University of Leiden - Netherlands and University of Wollongong)
Altered reliving of positive and neutral autobiographical memories in patients with Borderline Personality Disorder 

2018 - 12th International Conference on the Treatment of Personality Disorders: New Ways of Working with Antisocial Personalities and Early Intervention

Professor Anthony Bateman - Working with antisocial personality disorder: What research and clinical experience teaches us. 

Dr Michelle Townsend - Project Air Schools: Early intervention with youth 

Dr Steve Gillard - Peer work: Role, research and methodology 

Professor Brin Grenyer - Hot topics: New discoveries in international research 

Associate Professor Martin Sellbom - Antisocial Personality Disorder/Psychopathy in DSM-5, contrasting the traditional categorical model and the alternative model operationalisations 

Professor Silvio Bellino & Dr Paola Bozzatello - Interpersonal therapy adapted to borderline personality disorder: contributions to research in clinics and brain imaging 

Dr Gwenyth Francis - Dys-regulation: A therapeutic impasse management for nonresponders working relationally and trauma-informed with individuals with antisocial personality disorder 

 2017 - 11th International conference on the treatment of personality disorders: "understanding narcissistic personalities and other relationship complexities"

Professor Elsa Ronningstam (Harvard, USA) "Understanding narcissistic personalities: what research and clinical experience teaches us"
Stephanie Leary (consumer advocate, Queensland) "My recovery from BPD: a daily journey"
Ann Bennis (carer advocate, NSW) "Revelations, reflections and rebuilding: Life after exiting the narcissistic personality disorder marriage"
Professor David Winter (Hertfordshire UK) "Self-destruction and reconstruction"
Louise Fisher (NSW) "Narcissism: Therapist views of the therapeutic journey" 
Shian-Ling Keng (NUS Singapore) "Parental invalidation and BPD symptoms"
Renee Harvey (Sussex UK) "Systems training for emotional predictability and problem solving STEPPS"

2016 - 10th Annual Conference on the treatment of personality disorders
"new research frontiers and discoveries"

Dr Michelle Townsend - "Early intervention for self-harm and emerging personality disorder in young people - Project Air Schools"
Anne Reeve - "Lived experience: The fractious path from chaos to calm"
Professor Henry Jackson - “Landmarks in personality research over the past 25 years - and future directions”
Professor Eric Fertuck -“Synergy of mind and brain in borderline personality disorder: A social neuroscience approach”
Professor Eric Fertuck - "Introduction to the Theory and Technique of Transference-Focused Psychotherapy"
Professor Brin Grenyer -
“Stepped care in personality disorders – impact on services, consumers and families”
Dr Carla Walton - “Findings from a randomised clinical trial of dialectical behavioural therapy and the conversational model for treatment of BPD in a public sector mental health service”
Kaye Stanton - “Borderline personality disorder and electroconvulsive therapy – A lived experience”
Susan Preece & Ben McKechnie - “A pilot study evaluating the ‘Making Sense of Borderline Personality Disorder’ psychoeducation intervention for family and carers of youth with BPD features”
Mahlie Jewell - “Successfully engaging people with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder to actively participate in research and share lived experience”

2015 - 9th annual conference on the Treatment of Personality Disorders
"Inside Borderline Personality Disorder"
Dr Marianne Bourke"The Project Air Strategy Parenting Program"
Sonia Neale "The importance of the BPD therapeutic relationship"
Dolores Mosquera"Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder: Insecure and Disorganised Attachment and the Structural Dissociation of Personality."
Prof Brin Grenyer"Update on the current status of international research and treatment of personality disorders and future trends in the field."
Sarah Green "Group therapy program for working with young people with substance misuse issues and other complex needs."
Dr Elon Gersh"Alliance rupture and repair in youth with borderline personality disorder."
Jo Lunn"New Beginnings approach to working with women with substance abuse & trauma."
Alicia Wilson & Janice Wong                                              "The Ehance Study: Clinical and cost effectiveness of an inpatient model of care for emotionally unstable personality disorder."
2014 Treatment of Personality Disorders Conference
8th Annual conference on the treatment of personality disorders: Understanding Narcissistic and borderline Disorders

John Feneley, NSW Mental Health Commissioner
Wayne Borg & Wendy Smith
Professor Brin Grenyer
Professor Ken Levy
Professor Robert Schweitzer
Peta Welsh

2013 Treatment of Personality Disorders Conference 

7th Annual Treatment of Personality Disorder Conference: Intervention Models
Professor Russell Meares                                     
Associate Professor Shelley McMain
Dr Christopher Lee
Associate Professor Andrew Chanen
Ms Margie Stuchbery & Dr Michael Daubney
Dr Carla Walton
Professor Brin Grenyer



Professor Roger Mulder
Dr Annemaree Bickerton
Ms Jan Giffin
Associate Professor Andrew Chanen
Professor Brin Grenyer
Dr David Hawes
Dr Rebekah Helyer
Miss Rachel Bailey                                                

2011 Treatment of Personality Disorders Conference

5th Annual Treatment of Personality Disorders Conference - Engaging Carers and Services


Professor John Allan
Ms Janne McMahon
Dr Michael Paton
The challenges of working with complexity in public mental health services
Ms Jane Morton
Ms Eileen McDonald
Professor Brin Grenyer
Ms Claudia Mendez
Mr Matt Frize
Ms Susan Coleman
Dr Andrew Phipps

2010 Treatment of Personality Disorders Conference

4th Annual Treatment of Personality Disorders Conference - 
Consolidating Collaboration



Professor Brin Grenyer
Dr Sathya Rao
Professor Kay Wilhelm
Ms Tania Alexander
Dr Fazeela Zolfaghari

2009 Borderline Personality Disorder Conference


Professor Brin Grenyer
Associate Professor Beth Kotze
Dr Nick Bendit
Dr Andrew Chanen
Mr Chris Allan

2008 Borderline Personality Disorder Conference


Professor Brin Grenyer
Dr Adrian Keller
Dr Nick Bendit
Dr Janine Stevenson
Mr Andrew Kaw








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