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Project Air moves to new headquarters

March 2016

Office Opening John Feneley Glenn Salkeld

John Feneley (L) opens the new Project Air Headquarters, with Glenn Salkeld and Brin Grenyer

Project Air Strategy has moved to new purpose-built premises. Previously housed in the IHMRI laboratories, the Project Air Strategy headquarters has now relocated to the Northfields Clinic building on the University main campus. Executive Dean, Professor Glenn Salkeld joined Mr John Feneley, NSW Mental Health Commissioner in officially opening the new headquarters of the Project Air Strategy on 15 March.

Professor Brin Grenyer, Director of Project Air Strategy thanked Professor Salkeld and Commissioner Feneley for their support of the Project Air Strategy, noting "these new premises allows us to be closer to the community with clinical facilities in Northfields Clinic, a treatment setting serving the community, and with a new Telehealth consulting room linking the headquarters of Project Air to every health service across NSW".

Professor Salkeld congratulated the Project Air strategy for its work in improving the treatment and research for people with personality disorder. Prof Salkeld said that the University has a priority in community outreach and ensuring the work it does is both relevant to the community and benefits it. He noted that "the Faculty and University is committed to the partnership with NSW Ministry of Health".

Commissioner Feneley noted the Project Air Strategy has allowed a major focus on better treatment for people with personality disorders in NSW and across Australia and that Project Air is working to realise the Commission's goals to ensure "better care for people with Borderline Personality Disorder through training in the recognition, assessment and treatment of BPD to all staff in mental health and drug and alcohol services, and by promoting and progressively rolling out community-based models of care for the treatment of BPD, such as that developed by the Project Air Strategy".

Commissioner Feneley thanked the University of Wollongong for supporting the strategy. Project Air Strategy is an initiative of the NSW Ministry of Health and is currently rolling out a service development program across NSW Health.

Office Opening guests
Visitors and staff celebrate the opening of the spacious new Headquarters of the Project Air Strategy


Last reviewed: 17 March, 2016