News Room

APRIL 2016


Minister Vlahos from South Australia visited the work being undertaken at Sutherland Hospital treatment of personality disorders service, and discussed the experiences of consumers and staff in implementing the Project Air Strategy statewide model. 

SA Minister Visit 1a

Minister listens to consumer stories of recovery.

SA Minister Visit 1b

Consumer advocate Lauren Dunn (second from left) discusses her experience of being helped by clinician Rhia Forsyth (third from left), through the Sutherland Brief Intervention (Gold Card) Clinic and how it has also helped her mum.

SA Minister Visit 3a

Consumer advocate Karina Whitehurst discusses how getting appropriate treatment at Sutherland saved her life.

SA Minister Visit 4a

SA Minister for Mental Health Leesa Vlahos talks to consumer Karina Whitehurst about her lived experience of recovering from personality disorder.

SA Minister Visit 5a

SA Minister for Mental Health Leesa Vlahos with consumer advocate Katrina Whitehurst, accompanied by her advisors, the Project Air Strategy team, staff from Sutherland Hospital, and people with lived experience.

SA Minister Visit 6a

Evelyn Chandler Director St George/Sutherland Mental Health Service discusses the integration of Project Air Strategy treatment model in the region.

SA Minister Visit 7a

Sutherland Hospital Psychologist Wayne Borg discusses the integration of short and longer term therapies in the Project Air Strategy step-down integrated model.

SA Minister Visit 8a

Dr Marianne Bourke discusses the Project Air Strategy statewide approach to personality disorders treatment in New South Wales.

SA Minister Visit 9a

Sutherland Hospital inpatient unit manager Sharon Carey discusses the integrated approach to ensuring people with personality disorder get rapid access to psychological treatments.

SA Minister Visit 10a

Professor Tarun Bastiampillai (South Australian Director Mental Health Strategy), Professor Brin Grenyer (Director of Project Air Strategy) and Sam Runnel (Chief of Staff to the Minister for Mental Health) discuss consumer and family involvement in evidence-based personality disorders treatment.

SA Minister Visit 11a

Dr Michelle Townsend (right, Project Air Strategy Research Fellow) and Crystal Whitmore (left, Senior Policy Officer NSW Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Office) discuss the Project Air Strategy's work in schools.

SA Minister Visit 12a

SA Minister for Mental Health Leesa Vlahos thanks Professor Brin Grenyer, Director of the Project Air Strategy, for the visit to the Sutherland Hospital treatment of personality disorders facility.


Last reviewed: 2 December, 2016