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May 2018 - personality disorder update

1. You are invited to a Project Air Webinar - join us Monday 4th June at 7.15pm-8.45pm (AEST) for a free live webinar "Personality disorders and substance use: Tips on effective treatment approaches." An expert panel will provide insight into the case of David, a 24-year-old student with problematic alcohol and other drug use, and challenges managing his affect, identity and relationships. Discussing the case will be Dr Mary Emeleus (GP and Psychotherapist from Queensland), Dr Jeff Ward (Psychologist from ACT), Dr Hester Wilson (GP and Addiction Medicine Specialist from NSW), and Dr Trevor Crowe (Psychologist from Tasmania). The webinar is a partnership with the Mental Health Professionals Network. Register here.

2. Register by early bird for the 12th International Treatment of Personality Disorders Conference "New ways of working with antisocial personalities and early intervention" Friday 2 November and Saturday 3 November - at the University of Wollongong near Sydney Australia. On Saturday Professor Anthony Bateman will present an all-day clinical workshop on Mentalisation-based Therapy for antisocial personality disorder: clinical dilemmas and recommendations. Early bird is $305 for both days (or 150 Conference, 180 Workshop). Note there are limited places until sold out.

3. Spread the word to clinical clients and their families and carers and encourage them to attend the Consumer and Carer Day with the theme of “Recovery" on Thursday 1 November as an important pre-conference event to our international conference.

4. Read new research from our laboratory. Findings from a randomised controlled trial of group psychoeducation for carers of people with personality disorder here. Outcomes from our one-year follow-up of our parenting with personality disorders study here.

5. Note some other important conferences and events in the field of personality disorders - Spain in September is the 5th International Congress on Borderline Personality Disorder and Allied Disorders
and also in September is the BPD Foundation's annual conference - this year in Brisbane

6. Watch and download resources from our recent webinar on Collaborative Mental Health care and the Narcissistic Personality here.

October 2017 - personality disorder update

1. Register for the 11th International Treatment of Personality Disorders Conference among the beautiful forested surrounds of the University of Wollongong - by the beach south of Sydney, Australia. There are a number of separate events to choose:

- Thursday 2nd November Pre-conference Family and Carer Day will feature:
• Opening: Jonathan Harms, CEO Mental Health Carers NSW
• Lived experience talks include Beate Zanner, Peter Heggie, Shelly Kay, Mahlie Jewell.
• "What consumers and carers need to know about diagnosis and effective treatment and how to navigate the mental health system"
• Program Launch: "How to run a peer-led group program for BPD"

- Friday 3rd November -11th Annual Conference on the Treatment of Personality Disorders - Understanding narcissistic personalities and other relationship complexities. The program includes a wonderful set of international and national speakers:
• Opening - Dr Peggy Brown, CEO National Mental Health Commission
• Professor Elsa Ronningstam (Harvard, USA) "Understanding narcissistic personalities: what research and clinical experience teaches us"
• Stephanie Leary (consumer advocate, Queensland) "My recovery from BPD: a daily journey"
• Ann Bennis (carer advocate, NSW) "Revelations, reflections and rebuilding: Life after exiting the narcissistic personality disorder marriage"
• Professor David Winter (Hertfordshire UK) "Self-destruction and reconstruction"
• Louise Fisher (NSW) "Narcissism: Therapist views of the therapeutic journey"
• Chang Yuan Soh (NUS Singapore) "Parental invalidation and BPD symptoms"
• Renee Harvey (Sussex UK) "Systems training for emotional predictability and problem solving STEPPS"

- Saturday 4th November - Post-Conference Clinical Workshop which will focus on "Psychotherapy for narcissistic personality disorder: clinical dilemmas and recommendations" with Professor Elsa Ronningstam (Harvard, USA)

More information and registrations 

2. This isBorderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Awareness Week in Australia - the first week of October - within Mental Health Month. This is an opportunity to reflect upon people with lived experience, their families, friends and the community, and those who care including dedicated mental health workers and services. There are activities to mark the occasion including important meetings in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. Please also promote our BPD Awareness Week website - a collaboration from many individuals and groups who want to improve awareness and effective care.

3. Important update on diagnosis - The International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (ISSPD) bi-annual meeting has just concluded in Heidelberg, Germany. The ISSPD and the International Classification of Diseases 11th Edition (ICD-11) have worked together to improve the utility of the ICD-11 draft, which is due to be released next year. The proposal now includes the diagnosis of personality disorder described by severity, five optional trait features, and also is proposed to allow a 'borderline' qualifier - ensuring continuity of funding for BPD treatment programs by medical insurers across the globe.

4. Join the Project Air Team - we are actively seeking mental health professionals to work within our dynamic team in the Project Air Strategy. The Strategy works extensively with public mental health and other treatment partners, and the demands of the position are dynamic and changing, based on projects, events, training and research priorities. Full time and part-time Mental Health Research Fellowship positions available. Will suit applicants with qualifications in psychology (e.g. clinical, provisional), medicine and psychiatry, social work and nursing, other relevant mental health qualifications - Closing date 20 October.  View EOI.pdf

5. Watch Professor Otto Kernberg (New York) describe Transference Focused Psychotherapy (TFP), an evidence-based treatment for personality disorder. Professor Kernberg provided this overview to the Project Air Strategy during his recent visit to Sydney

august 2017 - personality disorder update

The draft program for the 11th Treatment of Personality Disorders conference - Friday 3rd November 2017 - has been announced with a wonderful set of international and national speakers including:

  • Opening - Dr Peggy Brown, CEO National Mental Health Commission
  • Professor Elsa Ronningstam (Harvard, USA) "Understanding narcissistic personalities: what research and clinical experience teaches us"
  • Stephanie Leary (consumer advocate, Queensland) "My recovery from BPD: a daily journey"
  • Ann Bennis (carer advocate, NSW) "Revelations, reflections and rebuilding: Life after exiting the narcissistic personality disorder marriage"
  • Professor David Winter (Hertfordshire UK) "What do people communicate when they present to the emergency department with self-harm"
  • Louise Fisher (NSW) "Narcissism: Therapist views of the therapeutic journey"
  • Shian-Ling Keng (NUS Singapore) "Parental invalidation and BPD symptoms"
  • Renee Harvey (Sussex UK) "Systems training for emotional predictability and problem solving STEPPS"  

The Saturday workshop will focus on "Psychotherapy for narcissistic personality disorder: clinical dilemmas and recommendations" with Professor Elsa Ronningstam (Harvard, USA)

Early bird registration closes soon - $110 Friday conference $140 Saturday workshop $240 Conference & workshop. Register here

Register for the Pre-Conference Consumer and Carer Day on Thursday 2nd November - which will feature:

  • Opening: Jonathan Harms, CEO Mental Health Carers NSW
  • Lived experience talks include Beate Zanner, Peter Heggie, Shelly Kay, Mahlie Jewell.
  • "What consumers and carers need to know about diagnosis and effective treatment and how to navigate the mental health system" by Prof Brin Grenyer
  • Program Launch: "How to run a peer-led group program for BPD" - Fiona Ng. Project Air in consultation with a consumer advisory committee have developed an innovative structured 10-week group program co-led by a Peer Worker and Mental Health Clinician. Attendance at this afternoon workshop will provide a Certificate for Level 1 training in these practice guidelines.

New research from our Laboratory on therapist's metacognitive monitoring of the psychotherapeutic process includes recommendations for reflective practice.

New videos: Mahlie Jewell shares her lived experiences of "Good treatment for personality disorder", and "Being in psychotherapy"

Minister for Mental Health Tanya Davies recently launched four new Treatment of Personality Disorder "Gold Card Clinics" - making over 12 Clinics now in operation across NSW

July 2017 - Personality disorder update

A new call for making Personality Disorders a mental health priority area was released early online July 6 2017 by the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry.

The XVth International Congress of the International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (ISSPD) will be held in Heidelberg, Germany this September

The BPD Foundation national conference will be in Perth in October in association with the Western Australian Association for Mental Health. Also look out for other local activities during BPD awareness week.

Watch a short new video from Project Air Strategy on BPD in the Emergency Department: recommendations for effective care. Joe Russ talks about a compassionate and respectful approach to helping people get the care they need.

March 2017 - Personality disorder update

Learn about personality disorders and treatment from Prof Otto Kernberg MD.
Project Air Strategy is partnering with ACPA to present this unique opportunity to hear one of the most influential psychiatrists of the 20th Century discuss his clinical work. His classic text 'Borderline conditions and pathological narcissism' has been cited 6,228 times in the scientific literature, and his clinical thinking has challenged a generation to better understand the etiology of the disorder and hence its proper treatment. He is a founder of Transference Focused Psychotherapy, an evidence-based treatment. Workshops in Melbourne (Wed 26 April), an evening Seminar in Sydney (Thurs 27 April), and a two day Workshop in Sydney (Friday 28- Saturday 29th April).

Is treating personality disorders with psychotherapy cost-effective?
New research from our laboratory systematically reviewed all published literature across 130,000 consumers to show savings of about $3000 per person per year from treatment - demonstrating evidence-based psychological treatment is both less expensive as well as more effective. Meuldijk D, McCarthy A, Bourke ME, Grenyer BFS (2017) The value of psychological treatment for borderline personality disorder: Systematic review and cost offset analysis of economic evaluations. PLoS ONE 12(3): e0171592.

Learn clinical skills for working with people with self-harm, personality disorders and complex trauma.
This one day workshop in Sydney from the Project Air Strategy on Monday 15th May trains evidence-based clinical skills informed by Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. Mental health workers, community counsellors, non-government organisations and health professionals are invited. Learn how to identify problems, use clinical management guidelines, obtain training in how to run skills groups, and learn practical skills to assist people to better manage their difficulties.

The International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders is meeting in September in Heidelberg Germany.
The Mentalisation Based Treatment Australia Association is presenting a three-day basic training course with Professor Anthony Bateman in Sydney 4-6 May.

Early intervention in schools provides an opportunity to identify and help young people struggling with self-harm and complex mental health problems
Project Air Strategy is pleased to be working with Schools and Health to provide these new resources, fact sheets, guidelines and strategies to assist school counsellors, psychologists, welfare workers and teachers.

Call for abstracts and save the date
The 11th Annual Treatment of Personality Disorders conference will be held Friday 3rd November (workshop Saturday 4th November) at the University of Wollongong, near Sydney, Australia. We are delighted to announce Professor Elsa Ronningstam from Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital will present a keynote on Friday "Understanding narcissistic personalities: what research and clinical experience teaches us" and an all day clinical workshop on Saturday "Psychotherapy for narcissistic personality disorder: clinical dilemmas and recommendations." If you have an idea or proposal for an original presentation (e.g. new research, treatment approach, or a consumer or carer perspective) or poster proposal (e.g. on a new service innovation) contact us: with a 250-word summary. This call closes 1 August. 

November 2016

Helping schools help with mental health - Project Air Strategy for Schools launched at international conference

Project Air Strategy for Schools, a project which aims to upskill teachers, school counsellors and health staff to better recognise and respond to young people with complex mental health problems, including self-harm, suicide, trauma and emerging borderline personality disorder, was launched at the University of Wollongong on Friday 4 November 2016 by NSW Minister for Mental Health The Hon Pru Goward. Read more....
 Schools Project Launch 2016 low res

From left Dr Michelle Townsend, Prof Brin Grenyer, The Hon Pru Goward MP and Prof Paul Wellings at the launch of Project Air for Schools.

August 2016

Read the new guideline on responding to trauma in children in care published by Child Family Community Australia - Australian Government - particularly helpful to those dealing with trauma symptoms that want evidence-based principles and an understanding of the effect of trauma on the brain. 

June 2016


Project Air Strategy proudly supported the launch of the BPD Foundation - NSW Chapter at ARAFMI Headquarters Sydney 9 June 2016. Congratulations to all on a successful inaugural meeting. The vision of the foundation is to encourage a positive culture around BPD and the ready availability and accessibility of appropriate services for people with BPD and those that care for them.

 BPD NSW launch 9 Feb 2016

With Jonathan Harms (CEO ARAFMI), Julien McDonald (BPD Foundation President), and Brin Grenyer (Project Air Strategy)

May 2016

Do you practice mindfulness? New research from our laboratory demonstrates how mindfulness and emotion regulation can interrupt the association between negative early care experiences and poor mental health.

Why mental health treatment is a global priority - World Health Organisation (WHO) and World Bank Group (WBG) "Out of the Shadows: Making Mental Health a Global Development Priority." For every $1 spent on mental health treatment, governments could receive a $4 return on their investment.

Access to adequate community treatment for personality disorder remains a challenge. The Editor of The Age newspaper has joined calls to "restore the policy of subsidising up to 16 visits to a psychologist"

April 2016

SA Minister for Mental Health The Hon Leesa Vlahos MP visits the Project Air Strategy

SA Minister smaller


Minister Vlahos from South Australia visited the work being undertaken at Sutherland Hospital treatment of personality disorders service, and discussed the experiences of consumers and staff in implementing the Project Air Strategy statewide model.  

See more pictures.

March 2016

Project Air moves to new headquarters

Project Air Strategy has moved to new purpose-built premises. Previously housed in the IHMRI laboratories, the Project Air Strategy headquarters has now relocated to the Northfields Clinic building on the University main campus. Executive Dean, Prof Glenn Salkeld joined Mr John Feneley, NSW Mental Health Commissioner in officially opening the new headquarters of the Project Air Strategy on 15 March. Read more....

John Feneley xmaller


John Feneley (L) opens the new Project Air Headquarters, with Glenn Salkeld and Brin Grenyer



John Feneley guests smaller


Visitors and staff celebrate the opening of the spacious new Headquarters of the Project Air Strategy 

February 2015

New ways to respond to calls for help in social media
We all use social media to communicate and share, but when someone is struggling with mental health issues the messages can become bleak and suicidal. Now there is a new way for us to respond to these calls for help. Read more at

January 2015

Project Air Strategy to expand across NSW
NSW Minister for Mental Health, Jai Rowell, has announced further support for the expansion of the Project Air Strategy towards improving services for personality disorder treatments across NSW. This announcement comes as part of the Government's December 2014 commitment of a total $115 million funding boost to mental health services in NSW in response to the NSW Mental Health Commissioner's Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW 2014-2024. ( 

The expansion  of Project Air Strategy will significantly improve the capacity of health services to diagnose, manage and provide effective treatment for people with personality disorders. Read more below:  

 Funding Announcement Jan 2016

L to R: Prof Brin Grenyer (Director Project Air Strategy), NSW Minister for Mental Health Jai Rowell MP, Karina Whitehurst (consumer advocate), Wendy Smith (Psychologist), Wayne Borg (Psychologist), Prof Judy Raper (Deputy Vice Chancellor Research, University of Wollongong), at Sutherland Mental Health Hospital.  

December 2014

Self-Harm in Youth - alarming new statistics
Project Air Strategy provides specific guidelines for managing self-harm. The importance of these have been reinforced by new data showing that over a 6 year period 333 young people died in Australia from intentional self-harm. Read full article

Changes to legislation improve rights of consumers and carers
Project Air Strategy have emphasised the important role families and carers of people with personality disorder can have in the recovery of their loved one. Now recent changes to legislation improve the rights of mental health consumers and carers in NSW. The 2014 Mental Health Act Amendment (Statutory Review Bill) allows consumers to nominate up to two carers who will be able to access important and relevant information about their care. In the past carers have often reported feeling isolated and unsupported by the mental health system, including feeling excluded from treatment and discharge planning. These changes are a step forward in recognising carers as an important part of the recovery process and the benefit of providing carers with the information they need to effectively support the consumer. Read more at

November 2014

8th Annual Treatment of Personality Disorders Conference Focusses on Narcissistic Disorders 

The 8th Annual Conference on the Treatment of Personality Disorders held on 7 & 8th November 2014 was a success with over 300 mental health professionals, consumers and carers attending and contributing to the reflective discussion on how to work with and support people with Narcissistic and Borderline Personality Disorders.

The conference was opened by NSW Mental Health Commissioner John Feneley, followed by an inspiring personal story by a consumer Karina Whitehurst. Professor Kenneth Levy from Penn State and the New York Presbyterian Hospital and Cornell Medical Center presented a workshop on Transference Focussed Therapy – one of the evidence based approaches for personality disorder treatment. Professor Levy stated that the treatments for narcissistic disorders in particular are often long term as “it can be a very slow process and requires a lot of patience and support for therapists doing this work.”

Also featured were presentations from Queensland (Robert Schweitzer), Victoria (Peta Welsh), the Sutherland team (Wayne Borg and Wendy Smith) and the scientific program included submissions from a number of researchers and services including New Zealand (David Carlyle).

Conference media release  - Experts discuss the rise and treatment of narcissism

 8th Annual Conference VIP Photo
Speakers at the 2014 conference included from left Brin Grenyer (Project Air), Wendy Smith (Sutherland), Andrew McKenzie (North Sydney), Robert Schweitzer (Qld), Karina Whitehurst (Sutherland), Peta Welsh (Vic), Ken Levy (Penn State), John Feneley (NSW Mental Health Commission), Wayne Borg (Sutherland).

8th Annual Conference Audience Photo
Delegates arriving for the 8th Annual Conference held at the University of Wollongong.

8th Annual Conference VIPS chatting photo
Mental Health Commissioner John Feneley chatting with delegates.

8th Annual Conference Andrew McKenzey morning tea photo
Delegates networking at morning tea.

8th Annual Conference Audience Eileen & Crystal
Eileen McDonald & Crystal Whitmore.

8th Annual Conference merchandise photo
Project Air resources to raise awareness.

October 2014

The Australian Parliament, through a motion passed in the Senate on 1 October 2014, has declared the first week of October as Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Week. The motion was moved by Penny Wright (Greens South Australia) through the advocacy of the Borderline Personality Disorder Foundation, Jane McMahon, Martha Kent and Andrew Chanen.

October 2014

Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness week is declared first week of October.

March 2014

ABC TV - 7.30 Report - neglect of BPD in health services

The 7.30 report on ABC TV - 6 March - featured a damning reports into Australia's ability to treat patients with Borderline Personality Disorder. The program highlighted how this mental health condition can be treated well by services that have the skills and experience, but such services are in short supply.

Sadly, too often people with BPD continue to receive a stigmatised and unhelpful response from health services, which remain largely unaware that effective communication strategies and treatments are available for this mental health illness. The Project Air Strategy in NSW is one approach leading the way to provide better access to treatments, research and information on the disorder.

To read the transcript or view the story, see:

October 2013

Project Air Strategy for Personality Disorders recognised with a major mental health award.At a ceremony at NSW Parliament House at the start of Mental Health Month (October), the NSW Minister for Mental Health, the Hon Kevin Humphries MP, presented the Project Air Strategy team with a Mental Health Matters Award. 

Project Air was nominated by ARAFMI - the association for relatives and friends of mental illness. The ARAFMI nomination considered Project Air "a stand-out example of successful collaboration between institutes, local health districts and community (families, carers and consumers) to contribute to improved wellbeing of people with personality disorders and their families".

The awards are presented annually by the Mental Health Association and Mental Health Commission of NSW. This year, over 130 projects were nominated for just 12 awards. Media release here.

September 2013

Personality disorders in the workplace - a UK Occupational Health Report
This report summarises an approach to accommodating people with personality disorders into the workplace by forming a strong relationship with local mental health professionals to ensure a good diagnosis and plan is in place. The report emphasises that "In order to ensure that they are managed in an objective and fair way, a diagnosis is essential. The diagnosing clinician must: advise on possible adjustments; provide OH (Occupational Health) with information regarding the individual's insight into their situation and likely engagement with any treatment suggested; and write to the person's GP with their diagnosis and recommendations, after gaining the employee's consent. Once the effects of the underlying ­medical condition are made known by OH to the employer, they will be in a position not only to discuss the future employment relationship and set out expected behaviours and goals, but also make adjustments to maximise the potential of the employee's skills."
Read more

August 2013

2013 Treatment of Personality Disorders Conference presentations now available
The presentations from our successful 2013 Treatment of Personality Disorders Conference are now available for download. 
See Past Conferences

3rd National Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Day Conference on 3-4 October 2013
Mental Health Carers ARAFMI NSW Inc in collaboration with the Mental Health Association, invite you to the Third National Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Day Conference to celebrate some good news in mental health. The theme for the conference is "Celebrating Recovery" and it will be held on 3-4 October 2013 at the University of Technology, Sydney.

July 2013
Registrations for the 7th Annual Conference on the Treatment of Personality Disorders
The 7th Annual Conference on the Treatment of Personality Disorders: Intervention Models will be held at the University of Wollongong on 5-6 July 2013. Places are limited!
More at Conferences

June 2013
Altered Brain Structure in Pathological Narcissism
New research from Berlin into Narcissistic Personality Disorder has suggested reduced volumes of grey matter may be linked to deficits in empathy.
More at

May 2013

New approaches to Borderline Personality Disorder based on NHMRC and Project Air Strategy principles
Medical Journal of Australia promotes new approaches to Borderline Personality Disorder based on NHMRC and Project Air Strategy principles.
Read at

The XIIIth International Congress on the Disorders of Personality to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark on 16-19 September 2013
The International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders, ISSPD will hold the XIIIth International Congress on the Disorders of Personality in Copenhagen, Denmark on 16-19 September 2013. This Congress will serve as the 25th Anniversary of the Society and will commemorate the First International Congress.

Personality Disorder affects emotion perception
While Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) can often be difficult to distinguish from other mental health conditions such as Bipolar Disorder, researchers in Canada have found a unique characteristic of BPD that may help clarify the diagnosis. 
More at

Borderline Walk in Toronto, Canada
Dr Shelly McMain supports the Sashbear Foundation who is planning the first Borderline Walk on 26 May 2013, which aims to increase awareness and reduce stigma around Borderline Personality Disorder.

May is Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month (USA)
In the USA, the National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder is celebrating BPD Awareness Month this May, with the aim of spreading the word about the disorder and trying to disseminate research findings and education.

Schizotypal Personality Disorder linked to brain changes
In a study partially funded by the NHMRC of Australia, researchers at Harvard Medical School have discovered that reduced grey matter in the brain is associated with symptoms of social isolation, introversion, and restricted emotions in males with schizotypal personality disorder. However, reduced grey matter volume was not linked to other symptoms such as magical thinking and illusions. Researchers are continuing to explore this further. 

April 2013
NASSPD Annual Conference 20-21 April 2013
The North American Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (NASSPD) will host its annual conference on 20-21 April 2013 in Boston MA.
More details at

April 2013
Australian Guidelines for Borderline Personality Disorder (2013) incorporates Project Air Strategy principles
Federal Minister for Mental Health, Mark Butler released the BPD Guidelines on 15th March 2013 in Canberra. These are the first NHMRC Guidelines for this important mental health disorder that affects over a million Australians, with an estimated prevalence of 5.9% of the population. Approximately one third of all people admitted to mental health hospitals have a personality disorder or related condition. The guidelines recommend the widespread use of psychological treatments, the involvement of families and carers, and the promotion of positive attitudes towards this condition as it responds well to specific treatments. Recommendations from the Project Air Strategy feature prominently in the guidelines, emphasising the relevance and value of the strategy in promoting quality treatment and increasing hope in those with the disorder.
View the Guidelines at

February 2013
DSM-5 will not progress with planned changes to Personality Disorder chapter
The current categorical system for diagnosing personality disorders was due for an overhaul with the release of the DSM-5 in 2013. However, reports are now saying this will not go ahead due to ongoing disagreement among the experts.

January 2013
2012 Treatment of Personality Disorders Conference presentations now available to download
The presentations from our successful 2012 Treatment of Personality Disorders Conference are now available for download. 
See Past Conferences


October 2012
Conference in Malta emphasises good prognosis for personality disorders
During the Richmond Foundation annual conference "Understanding and Managing Personality Disorders" held in Malta over the past two days, the Health Minister shared the good news about effective treatment leading to recovery from a personality disorder, and reminded the audience that people with a personality disorder deserve our respect and help.

September 2012
Invitation to register for our 6th Annual Conference on 9-10 November 2012
The 6th Annual Conference on the Treatment of Personality Disorders will be held at the University of Wollongong on 9-10 November 2012. 
More at Conferences

August 2012
Bullying linked with borderline personality disorder in children
New research coming out from the UK shows that children who are bullied in school are more likely to develop Borderline Personality Disorder in adolescence.

July 2012
Project Air Strategy Contributes to APS Submission to DSM-5 Revision
Project Air Strategy was invited to provide input to the APS Submission to the DSM-5 Revision for Personality Disorders. 
Access the submission at

July 2012
DSM-5 Personality Disorders workgroup resignations
The only two international representatives on the DSM-5 Personality Disorders Workgroup have resigned.
Find out why

July 2012
New research shows very high rates of remission for clients with BPD
Promising findings have come out by the McLean Study of Adult Development with latest research showing as many as 99% of patients with Borderline Personality Disorder achieve remission for at least 2 years, and 80% maintain remission for over 8 years.

June 2012
A new Canadian website “Treating BPD” has been created to provide resources for mental health clinicians working with clients with Borderline Personality Disorder
This evidence-based website offers information about the disorder, its features, efficacious treatments and specific treatment considerations.

June 2012
Youth mental health conference at the University of Wollongong 7-8 June 2012
An innovative, interactive youth mental health conference will be held in the McKinnon Building at the University of Wollongong on 7-8 June. Supported by the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute, Healthy Minds Theatre will explore mental health topics through a theatre piece entitled Understanding Depression: Fill in the Blank.
Find out more...

May 2012
The Project Air Strategy Draft Guidelines are open for public comment until 30 June 2012
Check out the Treatment Guidelines for Personality Disorders developed by Project Air Strategy. We'd love to hear your feedback.
Read more at Treatment

April 2012
Australian BPD Guidelines from NHMRC released for public comment
The Australian Borderline Personality Disorder Guidelines from the NHMRC have been released for public comment. The Project Air Strategy congratulates the NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council) on recognising the need for Australian guidelines for this important personality disorder. The NHMRC request that submissions be sent to by 14th May 2012.
To read the guidelines go to

April 2012
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy founder Dr Marsha Linehan awarded
Founder of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Dr. Marsha Linehan, has been awarded the 2012 Joan and Stanford Alexander Award in Psychiatry. This annual award honours mental health professionals that have made an outstanding contribution in research, education and clinical work in the field of psychiatry. Along with her prize, Dr Linehan will present a lecture of international scope on “Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Where it started. Where it went. Where it may be now. Where we are going”. Congratulations Dr Linehan!
Read more at:

April 2012
No more silence: mental illness should be talked about
Glen Mitchell, a former ABC sports reporter stepped down from his position last year due to his mental illness. Now read his thoughts on how mental illness and suicide should be talked about just as much as diabetes or asthma.

March 2012
Brandon Marshall is fighting stigma too
American football player Brandon Marshall announced to the world in 2011 that he suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder. He has launched his new website Project Borderline and is committed to reducing stigma through advocacy and education. Well done Brandon on your brave steps towards making a difference.

March 2012
Project Air Strategy is going global
The Project Air Strategy team has put a lot of hard work into setting up our website and we are constantly adding more features and information. This week we were very lucky to get some recognition of our service from BPD Central in the USA. It is great to see the word getting around and knowing our website is being used by consumers and professionals around the world.
Check us out on BPD Central:

March 2012
Project Unbreakable: A new therapy for people of sexual assault
For many people, sexual assault is something they never want to talk about. However, Grace Brown, a Visual Arts student from New York has found that sending these painful memories to print has helped hundreds of people deal with the abuse they suffered. Project Unbreakable asks these survivors to write down the hurtful words from their past on cardboard, and then have them photographed to promote healing and empowerment.

March 2012
Good news for the prognosis of BPD
Good news for the prognosis of BPD..... Research from Dr Mary Zanarini has shown that BPD may not be a stable and enduring disorder as once thought. Clients that participate in evidence-based treatment, have a good support network and look after their physical health can improve their relationships and capacity to achieve personal goals.
Read more at theMental Health Grace Alliance.

March 2012
A comment on the absence of family therapy within a DBT model of treatment
Dr David M Allen has recently commented on the ongoing controversy within the field of personality disorder treatment as he exposes the missing element of family therapy within the well-known model of DBT. As Dr Allen points out, the biosocial model upon which DBT is based considers two core components that lead to the development of Borderline Personality Disorder: a genetic tendency for emotion dysregulation and an experience of living in an invalidating environment. However, as most of the techniques within DBT focus on managing parasuicidality, Dr Allen discusses the need for additional family interventions.
Read more at

January 2012
A new mental health reform is seeking assistance from the general public
Members of the general public who have experienced mental illness are being called upon to participate ina national mental health reform. The Federal Government is seeking to develop a Consumer Reference Group to inform decisions made about future services.
Read more at 

January 2012
Project Air Strategy supports SANE Australia's new Mindful Employer program
Project Air Strategy supports the work of SANE Australia as they launch their new Mindful Employer program, encouraging employers to be more aware of mental health issues in the workplace. Their new program aims to improve skills and knowledge of employers and employees alike to increase support, reduce stress and to promote good business practices.
To find out more, visit their website at 


December 2011
Aust Government pledges $19.3m extra funding for community program Day to Day Living program
Minister for Mental Health, Mark Butler, has announced additional funding to the tune of $19.3 million that will assist the ongoing community organisation Day 2 Day Living (D2DL). This program facilitates community support and connection for people with a mental illness through engagement in art and craft workshops, shopping excursions, cooking lessons and social outings.
Story by Pro Bono Australia
Read more at

December 2011
Report cards are coming for Mental Health Services
An examination of mental health services in Australia with a special focus on suicide rates and service gaps is set to hit the Health curriculum in 2012. Report cards will generated from the opinions of consumers and carers in an effort to show where more funding is needed to improve the quality of the mental health services in Australia.
Story by Catherine Hockley, Adelaide Now
Read more at   

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