Project Air Videos

Joe Russ talks about BPD in the Emergency Department: Recommendations for effective care.

Schools, Teachers & Students Project - Chloe's Story

Sonia Neale talks about living with BPD & working with health professionals & emergency departments

Dr Nancy McWilliams talks to Project Air Strategy about Personality Disorder

Parenting with Personality Disorder


Staying Connected for Families & Carers of Borderline Personality Disorder   

Otto Kernberg talks to Project Air Strategy about TFP Transference Focused Psychotherapy


Professor Alan Fruzzetti talks about families, carers & effective treatment 

Mahlie Jewel talks about good treatment for personality disorder

Being in psychotherapy: Mahlie Jewell's experience

Stephanie Leary shares her daily recovery journey with Project Air Strategy.

Project Air talks to Dolores Mosquera about personality disorder and trauma

Project Air Strategy talks to Prof Kenneth Levy about Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Project Air Strategy in conversation with BPD expert, Dr Shelley McMain

Implementing the Project Air Model

Last reviewed: 14 November, 2017

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