About Us

About Us

Project Air Strategy for Personality Disorders is a partnership between the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute at the University of Wollongong and the NSW Ministry for Health and Local NSW Health Districts. It seeks to engage the community, families, carers, consumers and health and drug and alcohol services and agencies, to support better treatments for personality disorders. Read the Partners for Research Impact statement.  

Our Mission Statement

Project Air is a Personality Disorders Strategy that aims to enhance treatment options for people with Personality Disorder and their families and carers. The Project Air Strategy endorses an integrative collaborative relational approach and thereby promotes a personality disorders-inclusive health service.

Read a summary of the Project Air Strategy here.

Hear Brin Grenyer and colleagues talk about stepped care for personality disorders.

Services We Offer

Project Air works with health services, agencies, clinicians, families and carers, and consumers, to improve treatments for personality disorders. Our services include training, consultation, complex care reviews, and research. For further information on our services click here.

The content on this website is of a general nature only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a qualified healthcare professional. No person should act in reliance on any statement contained in the content provided on the web site and at all times should obtain specific advice from a qualified healthcare professional.

The Project Air Strategy Expert Advisory Committee

The Strategy is accountable to the Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Program Councils of NSW Ministry of Health.

Dr Murray Wright (Mental Health Branch), NSW Chief Psychiatrist (Co-chair)
A/Prof Adrian Dunlop (Drug and Alcohol Branch), NSW Chief Addiction Medicine Specialist (Co-chair)
Prof Brin Grenyer, Project Air Director
Mr Scott Fanker (SWS LHD), Mental Health Council Representative
Mr Steve Childs (CC LHD), Drug and Alcohol Council Representative
A/Prof Beth Kotzé, Mental Health Branch Representative
Ms Susan Daly (FW LHD), Rural LHD Representative
Ms Natalie Watson (NS LHD), Consumer Representative
Mr Marc Reynolds, Mental Health Branch - Senior Policy Officer
Ms Julia Smailes, Mental Health Branch - Senior Policy Officer


Project Air acknowledges consumer and carer advice provided by the following persons through their work on consultative committees, advisory groups or through individual projects:

Stephanie Leary, Consumer Advisor, SANE
Eileen McDonald, Carer Representative and Advocate Natalie Watson (NS LHD), Consumer Representative
Janne McMahon (Consumer and Carer – Private Hospital Network)
Kylie Pillon, Consumer advisor, NSW Consumer Advisory Group
Karina Whitehurst, Consumer Advisor, SES LHD
Sonia Neale, Consumer advocate
Jonathan Harms, CEO Mental Health Carers ARAFMI NSW
Peter Heggie, Carer Advisor, ARAFMI
Bradley Morgan, Director, COPMI, National Initiative
Mahlie Jewell, Consumer Advisor, BEING
Kerry-Ann Chapman, Consumer Worker
Cherida Chapman, Carer Advocate 

Project Air acknowledges the formal advice provided by the following persons through their work on consultative committees, advisory groups or through individual projects:

Associate Professor John Allan, NSW Chief Psychiatrist (2009 - 14)
Janice Carroll, Director Intensive Support Services, FACS-CS (2013-14)
Dr Scott Clark, Clinical Director, Mental Health Drug & Alcohol Service, Western NSW LHD (2014-15)
Melissa Clements Director, Disability, Learning and Support, Dept Education & Communities (2013-14)
David Coyne, Executive Director, Clinical Governance and Innovation, FACS-ADHC (2013-14)
Myra Craig, A/Executive Director, Statewide Services, FACS-CS (2013-14)
Susan Daly, NSW Health Senior Policy Officer (2010 – 12)
Professor Frank Deane, Professor of Mental Health, University of Wollongong (2010-13)
Clair Edwards, Director of Nursing & Deputy Director of Mental Health Services, Sydney LHD (2014-15)
Dr Marcia Fogarty, Representative of Mental Health Clinical Advisory Council (2010 -13)
Kevin Harris, A/Deputy Chief Executive, Operations, Juvenile Justice (2013-14)
Dr Sandra Heriot, Community Services, Director, Psychological Services, FACS-CS (2013-14)
Dr Adrian Keller, Clinical Director, Justice Health (2008 – 2013)
Pauline Kelly, A/Director, Community Capacity, Aboriginal Affairs, Dept Education & Communities (2013-14)
Associate Professor Beth Kotze, Mental Health Kids Advisor (2008 - current)
Danielle Maloney, MH-Children & Young People (2010-current)
Dr Louise McCutcheon, Orygen Youth Health (2011 – 13)
Professor Russell Meares, University of Sydney at Westmead (2008 – 15)
Anna Morris, Director, Child Wellbeing, Dept Education & Communities (2013-14)
Professor Louise O’Brien, Academic Advisor (2009 – 2013)
Vince Ponzio, Director, Integrated Services Program, FACS-ADHC; and Justice Health (2013-14)
Tania Skippen, Associate Director, MH-Children & Young People (2014-current)
Alison Soutter, Manager Regional Psychological Services, FACS-CS (2013-14)
Professor Jane Stein-Parbury, Professor of Nursing, UTS (2010 – 11)
Dr Sandra Sujic, Drug and Alcohol Service Advisor (2010 – 2013)
Noha Sutton, Family Focussed Recovery Program Manager, MH-Children & Young People (2014-15)
Chris Willcox, Specialist Service Advisor, Hunter New England (2010 - 2013)
Professor Kay Wilhelm, Psychiatry UNSW and St Vincent’s Hospital (2010-13)


We acknowledge the contribution of the following visitors to the Project Air Strategy:
Professor Eric Fertuck, Personality Studies Institute, NY USA
Dr Alan Fruzzetti, Linehan Institute / McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School USA
Professor Otto Kernberg, The Personality Disorder Institute, NY USA
Professor Marshall Korenblum, Hincks-Dellcrest Centre and University of Toronto
Professor Kenneth Levy, Cornell Personality Disorders Institute/Penn State University, USA
Dr Shelley McMain, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health/University of Toronto, Canada
Dr Nancy McWilliams, Rutgers University, USA
Dr Dolores Mosquera, Institute for the Study of Trauma & Personality Disorders, Spain
Professor Roger Mulder, University of Otago NZ
Professor Else Ronningstam, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School


Project Air acknowledges current and past staff and consultants who have worked on the strategy:

Research Fellows: Dr Rachel Bailey, Heidi Jarman, Bernadette Jenner, Kate Lewis, Dr Michael Matthias, Dr Kye McCarthy, Dr Rebekah Helyer, Dr Rebecca Bargenquast, Dr Michelle Townsend, Dr Denise Meuldijk, Arina Baharin, Fiona Ng, Dr Judy Pickard, Dr Phoebe Carter, Elizabeth Huxley, Dr Ely Marceau, Stefanie Haselton
Research Assistants: Melissa Pigot, Terry Rae, Alexandra McCarthy, Pascale Pougnet, Jessica O’Garr, Krystal Sattler, Romina Rabbani, Nabil Hashemi, Adib Mansoori, Shilpa Madiwale, Gabrielle Meadley, Andreas Comninos, Stephanie Deuchar, Nicholas Day, Annaleise Gray, Caitlin Miller, Kayla Steele, Karlen Barr, Emily Matthews
Project Administrators: Pat Frencham, Dr Mahnaz Fanaian, Kelly Hutchinson, Liesl Radloff, Joanna Renfrey, Nicole Camilleri, Michael Kasparian
Consultant Trainers: Professor Andrew Chanen, Dr Louise McCutcheon, Professor Brin Grenyer, Simon Milton, Dr Marianne Bourke, Dr Andrew McKenzie, Dr Annemarie Bickerton, Toni Garrety, Janice Nair, Alison Soutter


Project Air has worked over the years with many community groups and organisations to improve the treatments for personality disorders, including NSW Health, NSW Family and Community Services, Triple Care Farm, We Help Ourselves, Network of Alcohol and Drugs Agencies, Department of Defence, Uniting Care, ARAFMI. 2001-2009: Our story began in 2001 through funding for a Mental Health Integration Project by the Commonwealth Department of Health, to establish an Affect Regulation Clinic for Borderline Personality Disorder. This was collaboration between Northfields Clinic at the University of Wollongong and local psychiatrists and mental health clinicians. 2010-2014: This model of University-Health partnership was expanded in 2010 when the Project Air Strategy was awarded a competitive tender to work with NSW Health to improve services for personality disorders. This pilot work was undertaken by the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute and Northfields Clinic at the University of Wollongong, in partnership with the South Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health Districts, Justice Health, and Orygen Youth Health in Melbourne. 2015-current. In 2015 NSW Health reaffirmed its commitment to the Project Air Strategy to be implemented across NSW Local Health Districts. Project Air won the Mental Health Matters Award (Mental Health Association of NSW and Mental Health Commission) for Cross-sector Partnerships.

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Last reviewed: 27 November, 2018

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